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Shandong Great Supervision and Consultation Co., is located in Weihai, the eastern most end of Shandong peninsula, a beautiful coastal city renowned as "China's Cape of Good Hope". Its predecessor was the supervision directorate of the Weihai Road Authority. In 1998, the supervision directorate was restructured into an enterprise and was later renamed as Shandong Great Supervision and Consultation Co., Ltd. let by Mr. Cui Hongcai, the Chairman of the company. The company works unremittingly for the road construction in China and the world. It is determined and persistent in establishing a good reputation and firm image.


It is mainly engaged in transportation engineering. It integrates engineering consulting, supervision, testing and design businesses. At the same time, it also undertakes road, bridge, tunnel technology R&D work. It is committed to providing a full set of services in road engineering industry. 

The company holds all required qualifications for the service in provides. And its supervision and testing qualifications are the highest level of qualifications in the industry.It has obtained Class A supervision qualifications , granted by the Ministry of Transport of the People's republic of China. Class A test and detection qualification for integrated Highway Engineering, Class B test and detection qualification for highway engineering and waterway engineering materials, granted by the Ministry of Transport of the People's Republic of China. It holds China Metrology Accreditation (CMA) granted by Shandong Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau. It has obtained Class B design qualification for Highway engineering granted by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development. It has qualifications for projects of Highway Engineering Survey. It has Class C supervision qualification for urban road and municipal utility engineering projects, granted by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development of the People's Republic of China. It has Quality management certificate, ISO9001Environmental Management System Certificate of conformity ISO14001 occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification OHSAS 18001. The company is registered with the China Association of Highway and Waterway Engineering Consultants and the China Association of Railway Engineering Construction.  

Since its establishment, the company has accumulated twenty years of work experiences in more than 20 provinces and autonomous regions in China, including Shandong, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Hebei, Jiangsu, Anhui, Sichuan, Qinghai, Gansu, Xinjiang, Guizhou, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Ningxia, Yunnan and Inner Mongolia. At present, it has more than 30 undergoing highway projects and more than 50 undergoing supervision service projects. 







Outside of China, the company has embarked on an unremitting pursuit and explorations into the western technologies, through strategic international visits and exchanges, footprints being all over Europe, North America as well as other developed countries. The company’s strategy is to learn from the experiences and innovative technologies of the developed countries, so as to constantly improve its own professional capabilities.

Following the Chinese government’s "Belt and Road Initiative", the company undertakes a number of international road engineering consulting operations in Ethiopia, Africa. At the same time it builds friendly and cooperative relations with Asian and African countries, with mutual trust. The Democratic Republic of the Congo is one of these countries.



The company has established a complete functional framework to underline its businesses. The functional departments include the general administration department, the human resources department, the planning and management department, the finance department, the R & D department and the overseas business department. Business affiliates include the construction and maintenance branch, the design branch, the testing and detection branch, the fifteen supervision branches and the overseas branch.

The company has adequate human resources reflected by adequate professionals, strong technical capabilities and reasonable professional deployments. The company has more than 800 employees. Nearly 500 of the employees hold high and middle level professional titles or above, accounting for 60% of the total number of the employees. More than 400 employees have obtained certificates with supervision engineer, professional supervision engineer, test engineer, safety and environmental protection engineer and cost estimation engineer. Fifteen people have obtained the qualification of supervision engineer of the Ministry of Construction. Over 90% of the personnel  have passed the supervision business training. A cross-industry integrated enterprise has been formed, that integrates highway, bridge, tunnel, urban road, traffic engineering, water transportation engineering, test and detection, planning, statistics, engineering survey and project management.

The company adopts the system building oriented Internal management. It has adopted the ISO quality management system, the ISO Environmental Management System and the OHSAS Occupational Health and the Safety Management System 18001. Employees are required to strengthen their four capabilities: "project building, team building, reputation building and market development", and adhere to the core values of "customer first, employee growth, excellent integrity and social responsibilities. The company is committed to become an international first-class comprehensive engineering consulting enterprise.

The company boasts outstanding business performance, with more than 100 successfully completed highway supervision projects. Listed below are some of these projects:

Shandong: Beiju Line Grade I Road, Shangze Grade I Road, Shize Grade I Road, Gumo Tunnel, Weihai Haibin Road, Yanwei Expressway (including Shuangdao Bay Bridge), Weilai Expressway (Changling Tunnel), Qingwei Expressway Niuru Section (Haiyang Tunnel), Binbo Expressway, 206 National Highway Yanhuang Section Expressway, Tongsan Expressway Liangfen Section, Qingwei Expressway Phase II Haiyang Section, Weilu Expressway, Weiwu Expressway, Rongwu Expressway, Weiqing Road Jiangjiazhai to Wendeng Section, Binhai Road Haiyangsuo - Xishan Zhaojia Section, Qingdao 2009 Road Overhaul and Reconstruction Project, Jingfu maintenance project, Qingdao Chengyang District 2009 Jituanjie Road, Weihai Shuangdao Bay Highway Bridge Maintenance and Reinforcement Project, Weihai Huanhai Highway Shijiahe Bridge Maintenance and Reinforcement Project, Weihai Huanhai Highway Shijiahe Bridge Maintenance and Reinforcement Project, Weilong Road Connection Line, G309 Ronglan Line K26+000-k39+000 pavement repair Project.Weihai Rushan Shugang Road pavement and Traffic engineering Project, Weihai Airport Road pavement Project, Binhai Highway Xiaogejia to Longhai Road Section pavement Project, Shandong Province Expressway repair Project 2010, Shandong Yantai to Haiyang Expressway bidding, Yantai 2010 National Provincial Highway overhaul and repairing Project, Weihai City 2009 - 2010 Reconstruction Projects - large and medium size Bridge Project and Tunnel Project, some Rushan County Roads and Township Roads and dangerous Bridge Reconstruction Project, Road surface reconstruction project of Ronglan line and Shiyan line, Pavement and Traffic Engineering project of the Weihai Highway Reconstruction project, Linyi Liudaokou Yihe highway bridge and connection line project, 2012 Rushan township road reconstruction project, the Zhaoyuan north interchange project of Guogao Rongwu line, The General Supervision Office of Yantai National Provincial Road Reconstruction Project, Weihai 2011 National and Provincial Highway Maintenance Overhaul and Repairing project, Weihai 2012 National and Provincial Highway Maintenance Overhaul project, Linyi Sanhekou Tunnel, Rushan Village Road Network Project, Weihai 2012 Grade I Highway central guardrail project, Liangshan to Jinkou Highway (Guanyi to Jinkou section) reconstruction project, 2012 Yantai Highway Administration Bureau security facilities renovation project, Weihai Jiangjiazhai interchange project, S303 Lili Line Qiaotou Town to Jieshi Town Xinshangzhuang Section, 2012 Weihai National and provincial Highway Maintenance Dangerous Bridge Reinforcement Project, Reconstruction and Extension Liaocheng to Fan County Section of Deshang Highway project, Laiwu to Linyi (Shandong and Jiangsu provinces) Section of Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, Wendeng-Laiyang Expressway.

Tianjin: 2013 Tianjin Expressway maintenance Project, Jingang Expressway, 2018 Tianjin Expressway Maintenance, Overhaul and Repairing Project.

BeiJing: South-to-North Water diversion Line Project, Fangshan District Jingshen Road Maintenance Project, Liang San Road Overhaul Project, Chaoshi Road Overhaul Project, Liangtuo Road Overhaul Project, etc.

Shaanxi:Xihan Expressway, Humian Expressway, Yan-Sai Expressway(Dunshan Tunnel), Mian-Ning Expressway, Huangyan Expressway, Shaanxi Huangyan Expressway, Liubai Expressway, Jingwang Expressway, Baihe-Ankang Expressway, Shiyan-Tianshui Link Line(G7011), Shananxi Hanzhong-Lueyang Highway, Yanan-Yanchuan Expressway Roadbed, Bridge and Tunnel Project, Wuqi-Huachi Highway Project.

FuJian: Fujian Yongwu expressway, Fujian Yongchun to Yongding (the border between Fujian and Guangdong) expressway Longyan section, Shenhai expressway double line Xianyou to Nanan Jintao Putian section, Fujian Yongchun to Yongding expressway, Fujian Yongding Hulei to Cehngguan expressway, Longjiang Bridge project in Longhai, Fujian Puyong expressway Yongchun to Yongding Quanzhou section, the pavement anti-skid project of Longchang expressway Longmen to Xinquan section, intermediate maintance project of asphalt pavement of Tanlong expressway Shizhong to Buling section, Meizhou Bay to Chongqing expressway Putian section (Daitou to Qiulu), Zhangwu line Yongding to Nanjing expressway Nanjing section, JL contract section of Longyan east ring expressway.

Jilin: Songyuan to Daan section of Jilin Daguang expressway Hunwu expressway, the third phase of Jicao, Fusong to Songjianhe section of Yingchengzi to Songjianghe expressway, Tonghua to Meihekou section of Jilin province Jian to Shuangliao expressway, reconstruction and expansion project of Jingha expressway Siping to Changchun section, reconstruction and expansion project of Jingha expressway Changchun to Lalinhe section.

Hei Longjiang: Beian to Heihe section of Jihei expressway, China-Russia crude oil pipeline Moda line forest parallel highway project (Jagdaqi to Xingan section), Maintenance project of Heilongjiang province toll highway administration in 2012, medium and minor maintenance project of Heilongjiang in 2013.

Inner Mongolia: Shulinzhao to Duguitala section of Ordos Yanhuang class-I highway, Chifeng to Maojingba (the border between Hebei and Inner Mongolia) section of Daqing to Guangzhou expressway, mechanical and electric traffic safety project of director office of Chicheng expressway, Hohhot to Hanjiaying expressway, Suzhang expressway Suhua highway.

XinJiang: Xigou Interchange Project of Guozigou to Khorgos Expressway on line G30 in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Civil engineering supervision bid for reconstruction project of Yining to Dunmazha highway on national highway 218, S310 line Makit to Qeshqer Shehiri highway project, G314 line Oytak to Bulungkol  highway, expressway of Turpan to Xiaocaohu section.

Gansu: Liubai expressway, Pingliang to Dingxi expressway.

Sichuan: Dashan expressway, roadbed, bridge and tunnel engineering of Naqian expressway, Yingxiu to Wenchuan expressway, Chengdu-Deyang-Nanchong expressway, pavement engineering of Shiba (the border between Sichuan and Guizhou ) to Naxi expressway project in Sichuan province, Chola Mountain tunnel engineering on national highway 317.

Guizhou: Subgrade, bridge and tunnel engineering of Sansui to Liping expressway in Guizhou province.

Yunnan: Construction supervisor of highway from Puli (guizhou - yunnan boundary) to Xuanwei in Yunnan province, Yunnan Mojiang to Lincang expressway.

Jiangxi: Yingtan to Ruijin expressway.

Anhui: Chuzhou to Maanshan section of north riverside expressway in Anhui province, Wangdong Yangtze River highway bridge in Anhui.

Shanxi: Shanxi Wenxi east town to Linyi Sunji expressway, subgrade, bridge and tunnel engineering of Lvliang ring expressway, highway connecting line project of Wenxi east town to Linyi Sunji expressway.

Hebei: Cangzhou Qikou to Haifeng section of Hebei coastal expressway, Tianjin connecting line project of Hebei coastal expressway Cangzhou section, Hebei Xvshui to Laiyuan section of Rongwu expressway.

Ningxia: Road improvement project of Lingwu to Tianshuibao section of national highway 211 and Guyaozi to Qingtongxia highway project of liaison line in Ningxia, Dongshanpo to Maojiagou sction of Qingdao to Lanzhou highway (Ningxia territory), Tongxin to Haiyuan highway project of provincial highway 103.

Jiangsu: Bridge renovation project in Tongshan county, Pizhou Xuhong river  bridge 1, bridge 2 demolition and reconstruction project for Xuzhou Huangdun lake flood detention area 2007 project, S250 Pizhou southern section project, S250 Guanhu to Pizhou projrct.

Guangdong: Highway reconstruction LL-JL03 contract section of Foshan Shunde area, Ghuangzhou Pingnan expressway, express way reconstruction works of Xijiao to Hongqi village and Dafuji to Longyongkou village in Foshan Shunde area, Yulin (province border) to Zhanjiang expressway JL-2 contract section.

Zhejiang: Ningbo ring expressway

While vigorously exploiting domestic market, the company has also established extensive business contacts with international trade organizations such as IHIE (Association of Highway Registered Engineers) in the United Kingdom. Since 2001, the company has signed a technical cooperation agreement with Jegel Geotechnical Engineering Ltd in Canada. The scope of cooperation covers supervision, consultation, design, construction and maintenance, etc. It makes Shandong great international road technology co. LTD the only technology export and talent training base of Jegel company in China, which provides a strong guarantee for effective expansion in international technology exchange. In 2011, the company organized an investigation and discussion on Taylor company in the United States and Rogge company in Canada. In 2013, the company, as a representative of the industry, went to South Korea to represent the China Traffic Construction Supervision Association, and had an in-depth exchanges with the Korea Construction Supervision Association. It achieved fruitful results and enhanced the friendship and cooperation between China and Korea in the supervision industry. In 2014, the company contracted to the design and construction supervision road project in Ethiopia, the Deri-dawa Dewelle road project. The project was officially opened to traffic on June 26, 2019. In 2018, working talks were held with Dr. Li Ningyuan of Canada and Vice President of Waterloo University, Academician Susan Tighe in school of highway in Chang’an University. Since then, the company has continued to expand road consulting business in Ethiopia and the surrounding African countries.




Since its establishment, as one of the strong representatives in the industry, the company has always taken "rigorous and honest, fair and legal, scientific and normative, high quality and high efficiency" as its quality policy. Adhering to the core values of "Customer First, Employee Growth, Excellent Credit and Social Responsibility", we will continue to strengthen the construction of the three major sectors of China's market, developed country's experience and developing country's market, and take to meet customer expectations, achieve 100% contract performance rate as the goal, become an international first-class comprehensive engineering consulting enterprise, and make greater contributions to the development of China's highway industry.