Message from Mr. Cui HongCai:


Cui HongCai

Shandong Great Supervision and Consultation Co., Ltd. adheres to the concept of Customer first, Excellence and Integrity. We have never failed in a mission and have never stinted in our efforts to achieve our goals. The company strategy is to develop multiple businesses simultaneously, businesses spanning industries, from design, through consultation, supervision and testing. The company sticks to a policy of quality of being precise and honest, always fair and law-abiding, being scientific and following established business practices, being efficient and providing high quality services,

Our aim is to take in all suggestions and criticisms. We will hold fast to qualities of sincerity and pragmatism, working with professionalism and innovation. We will realize our goal of sustaining an enterprise to last 100 years. We will be based in China, but will be maximally involved in the world. We will endeavor to make productive business partnerships. We are willing to share minds with our friends, shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand, sharing highs and lows. Together we will succeed.

P.S. Mr.Cui Hongcai's message to the Ethiopian employees at the company's 20th anniversary as shown below:


The company thanks you for your good wishes to the company on its 20th anniversary and thank you for your hard work and contributions to the company's growth in Ethiopia. The company's strategy is to grow into an internationally famous and first-class company in the field of Engineering Consulting. We intend to achieve this, by learning from Chinese and western experience and doing our best to fully understand and cater to the African market. At the intelligent innovation forums at its 20th anniversary conference, the company invited American and Canadian experts to join and give lectures on the new technology developments in the west. The company hopes that all the employees of the company, wherever they are, will grow together becoming stronger and more skilled in achieving the company's objectives.