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Saving time and money are critical objectives for contractors who perform roadwork. As a result, the incorporation of technology that can help them achieve those goals is of importance.

To that end, GOMACO has introduced a 3D-controlled cylinder finisher application to its line of finishing machines: the GOMACO C-450 cylinder finisher with 3D guidance system.

GOMACO modified smart hydraulic cylinders to create a vertical adjusting undercarriage. The hydraulic cylinders have 15 inches of stroke to raise and lower the undercarriage. A 3D guidance system with one mast and prism controls the rear smart cylinder’s vertical movement, with both cylinders moving in the same ratio to each other.

The undercarriage is outfitted with a 3D mast with prism, as well as a slope sensor. The mast raises the prism high enough for the total station to see it without interference from other jobsite obstacles. The hydraulic smart cylinders make adjustments based on the calculated position of the bottom of the finishing drum, which is the top of the concrete surface.

The information to move the undercarriage is collected through a series of measurements taken and computed by the 3D system’s components, including the prism, slope sensors, long-range Bluetooth radios and 3D computer.

The C-450 is capable of paving widths from 12 feet to 104 feet with transitional framework. Its pin-connected sections provide fast setup time and versatility to fit the requirements of the project. It includes GOMACO’s three-point finishing system with an auger to level the concrete, a cylinder to consolidate and finish the concrete and the float pan to seal and texture the surface.

While this is simply one example of a 3D guidance system for paving, this type of system at the construction jobsite can improve both project efficiencies and ultimately the bottomline. Have you implemented such technology on your recent construction projects?