The First 3D-Controlled Cylinder Finisher Application Created for a Hyundai Test Track

The First 3D-Controlled Cylinder Finisher Application Created for a Hyundai Test Track(图1)

The GOMACO RC Conveyor is a concrete placer that works on flat slabs or slopes. For this project, the receiving hopper was mounted to the end of the framework on the high side of the track so ready-mix trucks could discharge into it from the service road at the top. A diverter car on the conveyor discharges the concrete up and down the slope. It is equipped with a telescoping tremie. As the diverter car runs up and down the slope, the tremie telescopes so concrete can be placed as close to grade as possible and the tremie pivots to keep the placement perpendicular to the horizon while traveling up or down the slope.

The GOMACO SL-750 cylinder finisher is designed for widths up to 36.6 meters (120 ft). Pin-connected sections make up its mainframe and allow it the versatility to fit exact job requirements. For this project, the total width of the frame is 21.5 meters (70.5 ft). The frame can be outfitted with power transition adjusters (PTAs) that are hydraulically-operated for on-the-go grade elevation changes. The SL-750 has a finishing cylinder that operates on an undercarriage or can be equipped with an optional trimmer undercarriage assembly. Automatic advance on the SL-750 finishing passes advances it the preset limit, and starts again automatically on the next finishing pass, creating a final smooth finished surface.

The GOMACO 4000 series Spanit work bridge is also made up of pin-connected sections and is self-powered. The frame is fitted with a slope wedge to break the bridge at the top and allows for manual adjustments to closely match the profile while giving workers a secure platform to finish from. 

Source: GOMACO World Index