National Engineering Quality Awards Granted to Shandong Great Supervision and Consultation Co.,Ltd

Queershan Tunnel on National Road 317 and Xiangshuihe River Bridge project Supervised by Shandong Great Supervision and Consultation Co., Ltd. were respectively awarded the "2018-2019 National quality Engineering Award " and the “Li Chun award for the period of 2018-1019” – a quality engineering award granted by the Ministry of Transport of People’s Republic of China.

Two National Engineering Quality Awards Granted to the company(图1)            Two National Engineering Quality Awards Granted to the company(图2)

The Queershan Tunnel is a super-long tunnel at the highest altitude in the world, 12,995 meters long, 4,380 meters above the sea level at the mouth of the tunnel.


Queershan Tunnel was designed by the Institute of Highway Planning, Survey and Design of the Department of Transportation of Sichuan Province, constructed by China Railway Yiju Group and China Construction Wuju Group and supervised by Shandong Great Supervision and Consultation Co.,Ltd. The construction was commenced in September 2012 and through 5 years of hard work, it was officially completed and opened to traffic in 2017.The construction of the Queershan Tunnel fills the gap of the construction of highway super-long tunnel in the area with high altitude and extremely cold climate. 

Two National Engineering Quality Awards Granted to the company(图3)

Xiangshuihe River Bridge project is part of Weihai Binhai tourist landscape highway (new auxiliary line Xiao Ge Jia to Lang Nuan Bridge section), located in Nanhai New District, Wendeng City, across the Xiangshui River in Binhai Road, connecting Changhai West Road and Jinlai Road. The total length of the project route is 1,626 meters, of which the total length of the bridge is 1,068 meters.The total construction period of the project is 36 months, and the supervision service period is 60 months,including the defect liability period which is 24 months.


The main bridge of Xiangshuihe Bridge is the key point of construction and control. The main bridge is a two-tower three-span prestressed concrete cable-stayed bridge with a width of 26.5 meters.The main beam adopts the equal height single box three chamber prestressed concrete box girder, the bridge tower adopts the single column type structure, the tower beam is consolidated, the pier tower is separated. The tower height above the bridge deck is 50 meters, the ratio of tower height to main span is 0.28; the pier height below the bridge deck is 13.34 meters. A hollow rectangular section with a circular angle is used for the column with a wall thickness of 1.2 m. The main pier is a rectangular solid section with a width of 15.6 in the transverse bridge direction and 4.5 -11 meters in the downstream bridge direction, and a circular arc shape. Bridge tower adopts group pile foundation and consists of 12φ2.0 meters bored cast-in-place piles. Cap is reinforced concrete rectangular construction, plane size 18.8×13.6 meters, thickness 4.0 meters.

The project is located at the entrance of Xiangshui River affected by tides and latent caverns, and the construction geography environment is complicated, which makes the construction and superivison difficult. The company played an important role in ensuring that the construction was carried out safely.

Two National Engineering Quality Awards Granted to the company(图4)