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Last year annual meeting was held
Date Uploaded:2018-3-30
Edited by Ms Li Yan Yan

The 2017 plenary session of Shandong Great Supervision Consultation Co., Ltd. was held in the conference room on the 9th floor of the office building at 8:30 on March 1, 2018. The meeting was held in the form of video conference. The general manager, deputy general manager and managers of the branch companies, functional department personnel and project site personnel participated in this meeting either on site or via video link.

First each functional department manager reviewed their work during the last year and reported their key achievements. Then, Sun Zhilei, the companys chief engineer, relayed the main content and spirit of the meeting of the Ministry of Communications which put an emphasis on the use of BIM technology and quality engineering in the consultants work. After that, the responsible person of the Yingda project introduced their new management model. All the participants listened to the report carefully and gave loud applause at the end of the reports.

On the morning of the second day, March 2, which was the second section of the meeting, Wang Qing, Deputy General Manager, talked about the companys five-year strategic plan, adjustment of the management system, and the key documents of the supervisor association, emphasizing that 2018 was the year of the companys objective assessment and management, and that all the company personnel should unify their thinking, their direction and their goal and set up their main goal according to the actual situation, and appraise their achievements against their goals.

At the end of the meeting, Cui Hongcai, General Manager, made a concluding speech on the theme of advance in a solid way, develop steadily, forge ahead and realize our vision together.the general manager first emphasized that this meeting was an important meeting to win the decisive battle of objectives, to deepen reform, and land a strategic landing. He emphasized that we should fully recognize our own shortcomings and continue to follow the two systems, build the four capabilities; strengthen the objective orientated management to promote development through appraisal process; promote the qualification of supervision, inspection and design; encourage scientific and technological innovation; standardize the reform of the system and keep pace with the trend of the times.

Finally, Cui reminded everyone that 2018 will be an important year for the state to focus on promoting quality, efficiency and power innovation in the development of transportation. It will be also a year in which we will be at the forefront of the latest developments in the field and we will cut through the waves to move on. Like the four self-confidence put forward by General Secretary Mr Xi, road confidence, theoretical confidence, institutional confidence, and cultural confidence,we should fully realize self-transformation and upgrading, work tirelessly for the realization of our great vision.

At 12:00 at noon, the main section of the meeting was closed. In the afternoon, the internal summing up meeting of each branch companies still continued. The staff at the main venue had a lunch section at the company dining hall celebrating the Lantern Festival and the last day of the New Year.

Every employee of the company will conscientiously study and implement the spirit conveyed by the executive general manager in the meeting. And implement them in the New Year. Our initial desire will not be forgotten, our efforts to build first-class projects, implement first-class management, train first-class teams, create first-class achievements, strive to build the company into an international first-class engineering consulting company will continue.

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