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Beipanjiang Bridge won the Gustav Lindenthal Medal
Date Uploaded:2018-5-31
Edited by Ms Li Yan Yan

Recently, China's Beipanjiang Bridge, known as the world's tallest bridge located at the border between southwestern provinces of Yunnan and Guizhou, won the Gustav Lindenthal Medal at the 35th International Bridge Conference.

The international bridge conference is an important academic conference sponsored by the American Association of Western Pennsylvania engineers and has much influence in the world of bridge building. The International Bridge Congress Awards, established in 1988 and decided annually, has been hailed as the Nobel Prize of the bridge world. It includes the Gustav Lindenthal Medal,John A. Roebling Medal, George S. Richardson Medal, Eugene C. Figg Medal, Arthur G. Hayden Medal and Abba G. Lichtenstein Medal. The Gustav Lindenthal Medal is an award for outstanding achievement for achieving superlative bridge engineering standard. Selection criteria for the award include bridge practicality, technological innovation, material innovation, exterior design, environmental coordination and level of public involvement. 

The conference itself covers topics like accelerated bridge construction, bolting and fastening, bridge demolition, bridge maintenance programs, cable stayed bridges, construction techniques and planning, design/build techniques, detail drawing preparation, fabrication methods, ground modifications, heat straightening in the shop and during bridge maintenance repairs after traffic damage - and many other related issues. 

The Beipanjiang Bridge, spanning over the 600-meter deep U-shaped canyon of the Beipanjiang River, is 1341.4 meters long. Its vertical distance from the bridge floor to the river surface is 565 meters, equivalent to the height of the 200 story building. The terrain around the bridge is very steep and the geological conditions are very complex. The bridge structure is of a Twin Tower Four Lane steel truss girder cable-stayed construction, with a total length of 1341.4 meters and the maximum span of 720 meters. At present, it is the world's highest and second largest span steel truss girder cable-stayed bridge.

The Bridge was co-constructed by Yunnan and Guizhou provinces. The construction commenced in 2012 and on December 29, 2016, the Bridge was successfully completed and opened to traffic. By being a quick path for sending Guizhou goods out of the mountain and bringing tourists into Guizhou, the bridge will be a bridge providing livelihood and wealth for the people of Yunnan and Guizhou.

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