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Monitoring and pre-warning technology against sudden collapse of dangerous blocks in tunnel layered surrounding rocks
Date Uploaded:2019/4/29
News source from Shandong Hi-Speed Group 

What is the monitoring and pre-warning technology for sudden collapse of dangerous blocks in tunnel layered surrounding rocks?

During the construction of large span tunnel with layered surrounding rocks, sudden collapse of blocks easily occurs, and the collapse of a single block may lead to instability of block groups, which brings a great threat to the safety of tunnel construction.

In order to solve this problem, Shandong Hi-Speed Group, in conjunction with the geotechnical center team of Shandong University, has developed the first domestic intelligent robot for exploring dangerous blocks. It can realize the rapid detection of tunnel rock mass structure and intelligent identification of dangerous blocks, that is to say, "find the dangerous blocks".

Based on the identified dangerous blocks and the block group, a comprehensive monitoring method using laser vibration measurement and microseismic monitoring is established to simultaneously monitor and evaluate the stability of a single block and the activity of the block group. That is, "monitoring the stability of the blocks".

And finally realize the danger block collapse disaster warning purpose.

The research results fill in the gap in monitoring and early-warning technology against the collapse of dangerous surrounding rock mass of tunnels at home and abroad, and effectively guarantee the construction safety of super-large span tunnels with layered surrounding rocks.


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