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Specification as to Asphalt rejuvenator
Date Uploaded:2020/2/23

Asphal regeneration is to add a certain regenerative agent to the aged asphalt so that 
the asphalt can be restored to (or even exceeded) its original properties. 

There are numerous agents or methods being employed for asphalt asphalt regeneration,
including corn oil, lubricants, rejuvenator emulsions, asphalt emulsion fog seals, 
a variety of surfacetreatments (including slurry and micro surfacing technologies), 
and emerging asphalt thin overlay technologies. Many agencies have resorted to the use 
of asphalt rejuvenators as an alternative to revive aging and brittle asphalt pavements.
Satisfactory service shall be based on the capability of the material to decrease the viscosity 
of the asphalt binder and provide an in-depth seal. The establishment of criteria is therefore 
necessary to ascertain the performance of a rejuvenator.

NCPP, established by Michigan State University and the Foundation for Pavement Preservation 
to lead collaborative efforts among government, industry, and academia in the advancement of 
pavement preservation, has on its website defined that the asphalt rejuvenating agent shall 
be an emulsion composed of a petroleum resin oilbase uniformly emulsified with water and the 
materials shall conforms to the following required specifications that can be found on its website.

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