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GRT opening her wallets to help fight back against the virus
Date Uploaded:2020/2/27
GRT opening her wallets to help fight back against the virus.

the Company, together with its employees donates money and materials to the local governemnt to help fight the novel coronavirus epidemic. 
Among the donation, RMB100,000 has been donated to the local government and the anti-epidemic staff, dedicated to support the government and anti–epedemic staff on various tasks directly related to the prevention and control of the coronavirus. 

In the meantime, the company has committed another RMB100,000 worth of anti-epidemic materials to aid whenever necessary to the combat of the coronavirus.

This donation represents the support from all the employees at GRT to the coronavirus containing. The company believe that with the leadership of the government and everyone united, we will win this battle and defeat this disease.

On behalf of the company, deputy general manager Mr. Qu Jianming donated RMB50,000 worth of anti-epidemic materials and medicines to the front-lineanti-epidemic staff (traffic police, medical staff, transportation bureau and toll station staff) who are stationed at the Weihai West Gate Shuangdao Island Toll Station.

Deputy General Manager Wang Qing donated epidemic prevention materials on behalf of the company to the government of Wenquan Town

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