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Company updated testing items for CMA certification
Date Uploaded:2020/3/7

Company has been authorized to issue the China Metrology Accreditation (CMA) certification for the following testing items:

1.   Highway geotechnical engineering  

2.   Coarse aggregate for road engineering

3.   Fine aggregate for road engineering

4.   Mineral powder for highway engineering aggregate

5.   Construction pebbles, gravels

6.   Construction sand

7.   Highway engineering rocks

8.   Portland cement, ordinary Portland cement, slag Portland cement, volcanic Portland cement, fly ash Portland cement, composite Portland cement.

9.   Common cement concrete

10.  Building mortar

11.  Concrete water

12.  Concrete highly effective water reducer, concrete highly effective water reducer, concrete ordinary water reducer, concrete air entraining water reducer, concrete pumping agent, concrete early strength agent, concrete retarder, concrete air entraining agent

13.  Fly ash and slag powder used in cement and concrete

14. Granulated blast furnace slag powder for cement, mortar and concrete.

15.  Mineral admixture silica fume, limestone powder, steel slag powder, phosphorous slag powder, zeolite powder

16.  Mineral admixtures (composite mineral admixtures)

17.  Stabilizing Materials for Inorganic Binding in Highway Engineering

18.  Highway engineering road petroleum asphalt, emulsified asphalt, polymer modified asphalt 19, highway engineering asphalt mixture 20, highway engineering slurry mixture 21, lignin fiber for asphalt pavement

19.  Road petroleum asphalt, emulsified asphalt, polymer modified asphalt

20.  Asphalt Mixture for Highway Engineering

21.  Slurry mixture for highway engineering

22.  Lignin fibre for asphalt pavement

23.  Road geosynthetics filament woven geotextile, filament spunbonded nonwoven geotextile, staple fiber-punched nonwoven geotextile, geogrid, plastic three-dimensional geotextile mat, composite geomembrane, plastic geotextile, nonwoven composite geomembrane, polyethylene geomembrane

24.  Prestressed pore grouting material (agent) for highway engineering

25.  Polymer waterproof material sheet, water stop belt, water expansion rubber

25. Elastomer modified asphalt waterproof roll, plastic modified asphalt waterproof roll

26. PVC (PVC) waterproof roll, chlorinated polyethylene waterproof roll

27. Self-adhesive polymer modified asphalt waterproofing roll, pre-laying waterproofing roll, road bridge modified asphalt waterproofing roll

28. Hot-rolled ribbed steel bars and hot-rolled rounded steel bars for reinforced concrete

29. Carbon structural steel, low carbon steel hot rolled disc strip

30. Steel reinforced steel mesh for reinforced concrete, heat treated steel bar

31. Reinforced mechanical joints, welded joints

32. Steel strand, steel wire, medium strength steel wire, steel bar, rebar, anchor, fixture, connector for prestressed concrete

33. Plate rubber bearing, basin bearing, ball bearing, isolation rubber bearing for highway bridge

34. Road and bridge modular telescopic device, comb plate telescopic device, seamless telescopic device

35. Geotechnical

36. Water transport engineering coarse aggregate

37. Water transport engineering fine aggregate

38. Water transport engineering cement

39. Water transport engineering concrete, concrete durability

40. Water transport engineering cement mortar

41. Water for concrete mixing in water transport works

42. Water transport engineering concrete admixture fly ash, granular blast furnace slag powder, admixture silica fume

43. Concrete admixtures for water transport engineering

44. Water transport engineering materials, steel bars, joints

45. Anchors, fixtures and connectors for prestressed steel, steel plates, prestressed tendons for water transport engineering materials

46. Water transport engineering materials: geotextile, geogrid, polymer waterproof roll, asphalt waterproof roll, rubber water stop belt, asphalt

47. Water transport engineering materials backfill sand, sand for sand piles, backfill gravel, backfill block stone, material stone

48. Plastic and metal bellows for prestressed concrete bridges

49. Road subgrade and pavement

50. Concrete structural engineering

51. Foundation

52. Pile foundations

53. Anchor rods

54. Construction foundation pit engineering monitoring

55. Road bridges

56. Bridge steel structure

57. Road tunnels

58. Road traffic signs

59. Pavement marking paint

60. Wave beam steel guardrail

61. Prominent road signs

62. Barrier

63.  Antiglare shield

64. Delineator

65. Installation and construction of traffic safety facilities

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