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We are capable of offering a full range of supervision services on design and construction of road base, pavement, earthwork for bridges, culverts, highways and highway interchanges. And traffic safety facilities setup, design and implementation of landscape engineering, house building, environmental protection and water reservation protection plans. In cooperation with other departments and partners we are able to ensure a comprehensive and high-quality service provision and outcome. Below is a breakdown of the types of services we have carried out across some recent projects that we were engaged in.

- Review and approve project design and working drawings, calculations, geotechnical report, topographical survey report, hydrological survey report, sampling and testing methods and reports, materials report, drainage structure report, relocation plans, traffic management plans, pavement designs, culverts and bridge structure drawings, detours construction plans, environmental protection plans, safety working plans, quality assurance plans and other design and survey reports prior to construction work.

- Throughout the construction period, supervise construction of works to ensure that the construction is carried out according to design and contract specifications. Propose any design changes as necessary or advisable to suit field conditions.

- Review and approve payments made towards the construction works.

Supervise testing or conduct testing independently (e.g. on soil and material samples) in order to check and approve testing results provided by the contractor.

- Issue taking-over certificates upon completion of work and Defect Liability Certificate upon expiry of the defects liability period.

- Record all information of the construction works including up-to-date detailed daily site diaries, all contractual correspondence; all activities in progress at any time on site showing the start and end time and full details of the resources employed per activity, equipment on site, mobilization schedules, detailed records of utilization.

- Review and approve the contractor’s proposed working drawing/plans and associated calculations.

- Review and analyze any applications for extension of design and construction time, for claims for addition payment.

- Prepare and provide inception Report, Middle stage Reports, and the Final Report and any periodic and ad hoc progress reports to fully acquaint the client with project status and progress.

- Monitor the implementation of environmental protection plans in collaboration with the relevant government officers, to ensure minimum environmental impact of the project.

- Establish a quality assurance system and develop a quality assurance manual at early stages of service to ensure high quality of the supervision work.



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