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Our Supervision work procedure provides a systematic process to allow all relevant considerations and preparations to be taken care of prior to starting the specific service and during the execution of the service. It is important that work does not proceed until the required procedures are in train, thus ensuring a good quality of supervision work.
Below is a recap of part of the supervision work procedure at the pre-construction supervision stage for a highway construction project in Fujian Province that the company was engaged in recently. This will give an idea as to how this company’s supervision work for a specific project is designed and proceeds. If you need to learn more about the procedures in more detail or procedures for the other stages, please let us know. They will be provided upon request.
The supervisors upon receiving notice to commence the service, liaise with the client and the contractor to review and familiarize themselves with the contract agreements and related documents between the client and the supervisors and the contract agreements between the client and the contractor. The supervisor will review and check if the contractual agreements are all in harmony with each other in respect of work requirements, duties and responsibilities of each party in the agreements and identify any inconsistencies and propose to the client any changes/amendments where necessary.
The supervisors review and familiarize all the design and work standards and manuals stated in the contract documents. And review all the survey and design documents for completeness and adequacy of the submitted documents and give approval and/or suggestions for improvement as per the terms of contract agreements between the parties.
Review and become familiar the bill of quantities.
Review and familiarize with the technical specifications include but not limited to the project construction scope and items; materials to be tested, testing method and frequency; construction techniques, technical requirements and measures to meet the requirements; supervision and approving procedures; Methodologies for composing the bill of quantities and the quality standard.
Pay site visits at this stage to acquaint himself with the ground conditions and to check and confirm consistency between the site and site drawings. Review the following: site clearance and land acquisition process, site construction conditions and environmental and social concerns; information on the construction of the detour and provisional facilities; equipment and staff mobilization status; sources of construction materials; Benchmarks and protection measures; site lab construction; environmental protection measures and hydro geological conditions.
Attend the technical clarification meetings to also be attended by the Clients, Design representatives, Project managers, Construction managers, QA managers, RE, Supervision team manager, and relevant key professional supervision engineers.
Compile the supervision work plan and the execution details: A summary of the construction project, supervision scope, supervision work content, supervision work targets, supervision work manuals, organization chart, work procedure, supervision methodology and measures, work policy, operating instructions, supervision facilities etc.
within the permitted time frame as per the contract agreements. In case of any difficulties in completing the above work, submit a proposal for extension with justifiable reasons to the clients for review and approval.
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